Two feature shows opening this month

Happy April everyone! Even though its still pretty chilly around here in Richmond, the birds are back and early spring blooms are everywhere. My garden, however, is still pretty much a mess. Old growth covers new, and even though it’s driving me crazy to have it look like that, I haven’t had time to deal with it.

That’s my cat Olive in the background, looking at me with mild disdain.

My studio is looking like it is following suit as well.

This is my framing table. I’m too embarrassed to show you what the rest of the studio looks like right now!

Not exactly ”Martha Stewart Living”.   But I have an excuse.  I have been busy framing and shipping paintings for two feature shows in April. First, in Bernardsville, New Jersey, I am April’s featured artist at Design Domaine Gallery. On view are a collection of my paintings from Europe and the American South. If you are up that way, stop in tonight, April 5th, for a wine and cheese reception from 6 to 9 PM., and say hi to owners Larry and Marilyn Rosenthal. Thanks Larry and Marilyn for featuring my paintings!

Another sizable exhibit of my work has just been installed at the H. Scott November Gallery at Westminster Canterbury here good ole RVA. This beatuiful exhibition space features rotating quarterly shows of artists from throughout Virginia. On view from now until June are my paintings of the French and Italian countryside. There will be a reception and artist Q&A later in the month on April 23rd. I am so happy and honored to have the opportunity to exhibit at these wonderful venues.

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4 Responses to Two feature shows opening this month

  1. Congrats on the your shows! our yards and studios could be best friends right now! I have some “have to” paintings and projects then I am promising myself to clean up my mess :) !
    Really wanting to get into some nice large canvas pieces! Still have so many reference photos from my Tucsany tp with Kathy George and a Napa Valley trip! just waiting for me…..good to see you busy enjoy your spring!

  2. Thanks for the congrats Marty! I guess we can’t really complain about having the problem of a menu with too many tasty selections, right? “First things first” has become my mantra.

  3. Mary Ellen Young

    Dear Jen:
    How I wish that I were up in Richmond in time to attend these two showings of your beautiful paintings…..but I am so glad that I will have that opportunity some day soon…………………Regards, Celestial Momnibus

  4. Mom- We wish you were here too! I need to get over to the local show and take some photos of the installation. (I keep forgetting to do that!) It is really a beautiful space. Lots of love to you from all of us. Looking forward to seeing you this summer!

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