Under the Bridge

Well, instead of blogging I have been tearing my hair out trying to figure out why my blog’s RSS feed has not been updating. As a result, I did not get to do any progress blogging on this painting. But here it is, a new Venice painting that I managed to complete in between the hours of frustration:

Venice, Italy painting by Jennifer Young

“Under the Bridge, Venice”
24×20″, Oil on Linen

I was going through my archives of former paintings and found a little painting I had done a while back of a single boat beneath a lovely footbridge. I thought it might be nice to expand on that idea on a 24×20″ canvas. I really enjoyed creating this new piece. While the boat is still featured, I was able to add a little more context and show more of the background. I really thought I would hate painting those rails, but once I figured out the design and started painting in the highlights, I rather had a good time.

As for my feed, we are still trying to figure out the best solution (though it will definitely not be feedburner!) If you are an email subscriber and received this post in your email box, then I’ve made progress, at least. If not, there’s probably a bit more hair-pulling in my future.

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3 Responses to Under the Bridge

  1. Don’t tear your hair out! It’s too pretty. Love your painting, it’s beautiful.

  2. This is beautiful! Oh I long to be back there, my time was too short, only a half day! The railing really makes the painting sing. Your colors are lovely and just the right amount of detail. Love love it!

  3. Hi Marcus! If you saw my hair today you might rescind that compliment, but I am glad you like the painting! Love you, bro!

    Marilyn – It’s so nice to hear from you!!! I am in the same boat as you (or should I say gondola?) regarding missing Venice. But is there ever enough time there? Thanks for your lovely compliments about the painting. I wasn’t sure about the railing until I started painting it in. Then I could see how nicely it pushed that background back- where it belonged. Now I feel like it really ties the whole thing together. Funny how much a single element can seem so essential like that.

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