Sant’ Antimo painting progress

I thought I’d share a few quick shots of the Sant’ Antimo Tuscan landscape I’ve been working on. The first color I lay in is the sky and clouds and distant mountains. The clouds will be the lightest value in the painting, so I want to “key” that in at the start.

Next come the darkest values- the majestic cypress trees so prevalent in Tuscany. At this point I also establish a rough lay in of the shadows of the abbey and cypresses:


Once that’s done I set about fleshing out the rest of the painting. No highlights on these areas yet. But I am establishing some of the wonderful patterns in the terraced hillside and distant landscape.


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2 Responses to Sant’ Antimo painting progress

  1. Looking nice ! I like the dark cypress trees on the right …then seeing them contininuing and going down the hill. Beautiful colors! Keep us posted!!!

  2. Thanks Marty. I am really enjoying this composition. I hope I can do the subject justice. Will definitely keep you posted!

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