Painting my garden

The gardens around my studio and house are really picking up steam with summer blooms. I think it’s best described as a cottage garden, and borders on chaotic at times. This is the same spot I shared with you in early spring…much improved now, I think!


My little “fountain” of succulents in the garden opposite the studio is now surrounded by a flowering butterfly bush, purple cone flowers and towering lilies (just about to bloom)
And here’s Ted, alternately my garden cat and studio cat. He likes to support me whenever I am being industrious:


With such an easy access garden, you’d think I’d paint it a lot more often than I do. I mean, you really can’t get any more convenient when it comes to a plein air painting location! But there are a couple of challenges to overcome. First, the light moves pretty quickly in my little oasis,really only remaining constant for less than 2 hours. Inevitably even small paintings seem to require more than one session. Secondly, while I do have some painting time during the week while my little girl is with a sitter, any time she sees me painting outside she wants to “watch” (which quickly evolves into wanting me to push her on the swing, blow bubbles, etc.)

Nevertheless, I did get an opportunity over the July 4th weekend to complete this painting in the yard while Dad distracted DD:

Cottage garden painting by Jennifer E. Young

“The Cottage Garden”
Oil on panel, 12×9″
Contact me for more info!

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4 Responses to Painting my garden

  1. I love seeing your lovely garden – so many great shots showing painting opportunities. Love your painting!

  2. Thank you Marilyn! I’d really love to have a stab at the garden with the succulents in it- especially when the lilies open. Maybe I can con Dad into one more weekend morning off ? ;)

  3. Beautiful garden Jennifer and painting also. I especially like your succulent “fountain”, and your Cone Flowers and Butterfly bush are Huge! You have a green thumb, even when you are not painting.

  4. Marcus- Coming from a master gardener such as yourself I take that as a big compliment! :) My problem is I have a big appetite but a very small space. What thrives seems to get far beyond the size range listed on those little cards, while other things just don’t like my space at all. Anyhing prone to mildew usually does, and if I have to get overly fussy with you, we aren’t going to get along at all. On the other hand, those purple cone flowers take over. I grew them from seed a few years ago and they have become a kudzu- like entity! I allow them in certain spots but basically pull them like weeds.

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