Varenna Shoreline W.I.P.

I feel a bit like Punxsutawney Phil, poking my head out into the public for a brief moment, only to run back into obscurity and wait out the rest of winter. It’s not really fair to blame a pudgy little rodent for my absence and for all of the crazy snow days we’ve been dealt this winter. But given he’s fictional and defenseless and  I’ve no one else to point a finger at, Phil it is.

Nevertheless, I’ve started a new painting based on the small study I posted in my last entry. This is the tonal lay-in on a 24×36″ canvas. Some of the lighter  areas got a little too “tonal” as I made adjustments to the drawing, (most notably the boats) but as I have my study and photos, I will make those corrections when I get into color.

Landscape painting Varenna Italy in progress by Jennifer Young

 There are only slight variations in design at this point– just a minor reshaping of the distant hills to slow the speed of the downward slope. I also simplified and “skooched” back (sorry for the technical lingo) one building that sat directly behind the villa sitting closest to center to minimize the confusion of these overlapping forms and hopefully  create a more elegant design.

I ‘m generally happy with the color plan I used in the study though, so at this point my plan is to follow its lead as I start my next steps of diving into color.

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4 Responses to Varenna Shoreline W.I.P.

  1. Bonjour Jennifer,

    Je suis un artiste moi aussi, je peins en plein aire souvent. (I am an artist as well- painting en plein air often) I was born in France to American parents, so speak French, and consider myself part French, though not by heritage.

    I just came across your site when looking for some wet panel carrying solutions, I read one of your posts. I have been using PanelRoo carriers from Jason here: I like them fairly well.
    I’ll be interested to look over your blog some more, and thanks for sharing process stuff. (stuff, right up there with scooch, LOL) I’ve been making larger studio paintings from field studies lately as well. It’s a different animal altogether. I’m used to having to make quick decisions outside.

    Your work is really lovely, and strong compositionally. I’ll look more later- back to work now…
    Some of my work here:

    A bientot!

  2. Hi Matthew-
    Thanks for your compliments and for sharing your site. I enjoyed seeing your plein air work very much and also seeing the shots of you in action. Makes me excited to get “out there” again this spring. I will have a look at the panel carriers you referenced. I use my Raymar carriers all the time but sometimes I wish they had a bit less bulk. Plus, I’m always looking for helpful new gear ( it’s kind of a sickness, actually ;) )

    A bientot!

  3. Jennifer,
    I appreciate you looking at my work and photos. Plein Air is such fun, except when the wind blows my easel over, or a dog knocks it over, etc.! I often bring my dog with me, and unfortunately he attracts other dogs who want to run in circles around us and step in my backpack. In Memphis it gets terribly hot, I miss France during the summer.
    Another compact panel carrier is and yes I have the same pattern of always looking for gear… It’s called arte-nauseum in Latin, LOL. I use an Open Box M now, but used to use a Mabef M-29. The Mabef is really light, only 2.5 lbs or something. M29 is also an old machine gun…. from French army days…. just read this.
    I saw your post about health challenges, good luck with that.

    I am currently working full time as an architect, but plan to go full time with my painting in April!!! I plan to travel a fair amount. Greece is one trip planned… yeah.


  4. Ah, yes, the perils of plein air. I’ve had a few run-in’s with dogs painting at the river, so I know what you mean! It gets pretty hot here in VA too. Greece too, for that matter, but it is a drier heat, or so I hear. I love the heat though. The cold is another matter….

    Presently I’m not traveling like I used to, but I do love it. It’s such a wonderful complement to the landscape painter’s life. Hopefully I can work more travel plans into our busy lives again once my daughter gets a little older, but traveling with a toddler is a lot of work!

    Congrats on your forthcoming transition to fulltime painting. That is really something to celebrate and your plans sound awesome!

    p.s. Thanks for your good luck wishes on the health front. I think things are incrementally improving, so long as I am vigilant about diet, sleep and stress. The road to wellness is definitely more akin to a marathon than a sprint.

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