Large format prints

This morning I am off to the printer's to do my final round of proofing for my new series of large format giclee prints. I am excited to be launching this new print series. The proofing has been a rather involved process. Apparently according to the printer I use an extraordinary range of greens in my paintings that are difficult to replicate. I will take this as a compliment, especially since I just recently posted about the difficulty of mixing greens ;-). In any event, my last round of proofs were looking really great. Just a tweak here and there one last time and I expect to sign off on them today. So hopefully I will have some new offerings sooner than I thought! I'm offering a pre-order special of 10% off the regular print price on my website for anyone who would like to purchase one of these prints prior to the official release on 11/1. The release date will allow me some extra time to get the canvas prints stretched and secure packaging for the paper ones.

I hope to post some more artwork to my blog soon. In the midst of running back and forth for the print proofing, I am working on a large commission of three 30x40" paintings. I'm 2/3 of the way there though, so that should open the way for more image posting here.

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