"Painting is the language I use to express my reverence for the beauty of the natural world. The delicacy of a flower, the power of the ocean waves, the brilliance of a sunset; all are awe-inspiring and represent one of our greatest gifts in this life, worthy of celebrating and protecting."  -Jennifer Young

Welcome to Jennifer Young’s online gallery of plein air and studio landscape paintings. Shop online for European Landscape Paintings of Tuscany, Italy, and Provence, France, Paintings of the American South, Plein Air Paintings, and Still Life. Click on the images below to begin your journey.

Jennifer, the painting arrived today! It was beautiful in emails and seeing it in person took it to another level of beauty. I love looking at the detailed brushstrokes and then stepping back to see the entire landscape. The colors are bright and happy. It’s perfect. You are very talented and I am so so glad we found you to capture this special place. Thanks so much again, we are very happy with the painting!
-A. G., Vienna, VA

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