Painting of Venice

I was bad today. I cut out of finishing my taxes to work on my painting of Venice. Dave (my husband) is going to be so exasperated because I promised to have all of my tax info done and ready to go by Thursday. Well...he didn't say what time on Thursday now, did he? Back to the painting: It's not quite done yet but I thought I'd post my progress here. One day while we were in Venice we took a long stroll and got lost in the neighborhood of Castello....Or at least we started out in Castello. Somehow things went awry and we wandered and wandered. We finally ended up in Canareggio, caught in a thunderstorm, at the end of the little peninsula. It was the best day ever! I got tons of pictures, we ditched the maps and just walked where our will would take us.

I think we finally figured out that we could take a vaporetto to Santa Croce, and then on to our hotel in Dorsoduro, but that was late in the day after much, much walking. Any way, I recorded this scene on our Castello to Canareggio to Santa Croce to Dorsoduro afternoon:


This photo is kind of on the dark side because I snapped it in the late afternoon in my studio. I'll post a better, more complete photo on my website when I am officially finished with the painting.

-Jennifer Young; Vibrant Landscapes Contact