And now for something completely different

A while back I posted about experimenting with non-objective work, so I thought I'd share the results here. I'm not sure what you'd call this configuration of installation? In any event, I installed this piece in my living room this weekend during the power outage, and even without electricity it brightened up the place. This is my first abstract in quite a while:

abstract painting by Jennifer Young


As an artist exploration and experimentation is very important to me. On the surface this doesn't seem to have much relationship to my landscape paintings, but there is something to learn here, and perhaps at some point these experiments can also help me to grow with my landscapes as well. In any event,  it was fun, fun, fun! Installed, this work is pretty large, measuring about 39" across by 40" tall. The small canvases to the side may not be quite to scale, so I will try to photograph the whole thing installed in the room and post it here when I do.

Here it is in the room:

abstract painting

One day when I have time I'd like to get rid of those green walls, but I guess they'll have to do for now.

painting artist abstract art non-objective painting