There's a hole in my life

Or rather, there's one heck of a hole in our yard. I've come back home from my painting trip to find that they've started digging for the new studio! Let the games begin :-)

art studio construction

The red dots in the photo below roughly indicate the footprint of the studio, which will be a 16x28' structure. You might be able to make out another small light colored dot just beyond the lower right red dot. This is a stake for a 4' deep portico that will run the depth of the building and come off of one end to face the house and future patio.

art studio construction

There is an alley that sits just beyond our fence. This end of the hole is where my painting area will be. The trench in the foreground is for the plumbing, and (I believe), the electric too. Inspections have to take place at each stage along the way during this process.

art studio building and construction

The back half of our fence had to come down to let that big digger in. This is the fence that's still standing. Below the fence are all the flower pots I moved that were sitting around our back porch. Dave said he  didn't think we'd have to move them, but I did it "just in case". Good thing! Good too, that I hadn't yet done any landscaping in our back yard!

Will post again soon with a drawing of mine that shows what I've come up with for the layout.