A neat little tool

I haven't yet had time to edit my new pictures for the vineyard work-in-progress I have been posting about recently. So instead I thought I'd share a neat tool I found online for all of you meticulous types. It is an online proportional scale calculator. This is often the tool of printers who need to know what size a final print would be if an artwork is reproduced to a different size. But I find it a handy tool for anyone who wants to translate a small sketch or plein air painting, (or photo)  into a larger painting. Here are two variations of the calculator, so take your pick. The first is actually from the printer Century Editions' site. The second is by scriptygoddess.com. They can help to take some of the guesswork out of what size canvas you might use that is of the same scale as the smaller work. I am not one to grid out my landscape paintings in any meticulous way, but I do find a proportional calculator helpful in judging placement (usually via the eyeball method). You can also get a proportional scale wheel at an art supply store, but seeing as I have misplaced several of these over the years, it helps to have an online option!