Back from Greenville

The art opening was a great time. I don't think I blew anyone away with my "artist's remarks" but I don't think I did too badly either. Honestly I don't remember what I's all kind of a blur. I hope I was at least able to convey my feelings about my work, my motivations and passions. I do remember several people nodding as I spoke, so unless they were just being nice (or nodding off!), it seemed as if they got the gist.

As per usual my husband Dave got a number of shots early on in the show, but not a lot as the evening progressed. He often ends up working the show as much as I do, so the photography kind of wanes, the busier we get. I really enjoyed myself and delighted meeting both new collectors and many other gracious attendees.

I showed with two other artists/painters; Karen Lawrence who does interiors and still life pieces, and Margo Balcerek who paints abstracted still life and landscape. I thought the work as a show was complimentary but created an interesting contrast in styles and approaches. Here is a shot of the installation looking shiny and pristine before the show. My work was installed at the left - on partitions and around perimeter walls, and on the back wall. There is work on both sides of these partitions:



As is the case with most parties, people seem to congregate around the refreshments. I am in the background (in black and red, back to the camera) talking with some of the guests about my work.



It was a really enjoyable opening night. Several pieces sold, and I send out a special thanks to those patrons (if you are reading this, you know who you are) for making the evening so gratifying and memorable.

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