Oliveti Terrazzati

Here is a painting of the terraced olive groves I so loved in southern Tuscany:

Tuscany landscape painting

I actually thought I was finished with this painting last week, but there was something about the sky that was bothering me. I set it aside and worked on other things, but kept looking at the painting over time. The sky was previously painted pretty plainly. I was going for the golden light of evening but it just didn't turn out right. I guess my photo reference of this scene had washed out the sky, even though I knew it was taken during that beautiful early evening glow.

Then the other evening as I painted in my studio, I noticed the most gorgeous clouds outside of my window. I ran and got the camera and took some shots, and then just sat and watched the remaining sunset, noticing the color transitions of an evening sky.

With that new information I went back and addressed this painting again, and now I feel that it better states the mood and atmosphere that I was trying to express. This painting is gallery wrapped and measures 30x40". Please click here or click on the image for detailed info and purchasing information.