Ocracoke Island

Yes, I am still here! Not much opportunity to post new work yet because this week turned into "clean the studio and ship paintings" week. And today we are heading out to Ocracoke Island for what we hope will be a long relaxing weekend.  We have been to the Outer Banks of North Carolina (Nags Head, Corolla) many times, but I have always wanted to go to Ocracoke and have never gotten around to it, as it is about a 40 minute ferry ride from Hatteras. From all accounts the word most often used is "quaint" in describing this island village. It is a very natural beach with no major hotels or developments -- a real rarity these days. And for what it's worth, "Dr. Beach" has this year rated Ocracoke #1 as the best swimming beach nationally.

We're driving so I can load up the van with my paint gear! Hooray! Hope to post whatever plein air paintings and sketches I do while there.