Plein air painting in Maymont Park

It was such a beautiful morning (and uncharacteristically NOT humid!) that I went down to Maymont Park to paint the crepe myrtles in full bloom. I was dissuaded from heading into the main part of the park because several busloads of people were unloading themselves at the entrance. Sometimes I don't care about the crowds but today I wasn't in the mood. So I looked around and saw a rather ignored (and slightly overgrown) little park just across the street with some nice pink crepe myrtles and a stone obelisk. I will probably touch this piece up a bit, so I am calling it a work in progress, though I consider it nearly completed on site. 

landscape painting by Jennifer Young "Dooley Monument, Richmond" 12"x9" (work in progress)

I don't know if this obelisk has another name than the one I've given it. My research so far has turned up nothing on this specific monument, though the writing on the stone clearly honors Mr. James H. Dooley, benefactor of many charitable and civic causes in the City of Richmond and the former owner of the property that is now Maymont Park.

What attracted me to this particular scene was the vertical movement of the monument and the trees, countered by the horizontal shadows that spilled across the ground.