"Spring Mix" still life painting

Things have been quiet around here, namely because we're still recovering at our house from an awful flu. It threw a wrench in our Valentine's day plans, but at least I managed to capture my  flowers before they faded. It's always good to sharpen the saw by painting from life. The weather's been pretty mild this winter, but lately it's been crazy-windy. Otherwise I'd be painting outside these last couple of days. But a still life is a good teacher as well, though you don't have the ever-changing light:

still life painting of flowers in a vase "Spring Mix" Oil on Canvas, 16x12"

The title is actually the same that I am using for an upcoming show I'm preparing for in April, so I should be posting a number of flower and garden-related art between now and then.

If you are interested in this painting, please contact me for more info.