Save the date- New PBS art series on "Landscapes through Time"

While trolling through the Slow Travel forums for my upcoming trip to France, I stumbled across this tip on a new upcoming PBS art series on landscape painting hosted by artist David Dunlop.  Here's an excerpt from the PBS website:

"LANDSCAPES THROUGH TIME WITH DAVID DUNLOP -- a lively and entertaining new 13-part PBS series shot in HD -- offers viewers the opportunity to travel with noted painter and lecturer David Dunlop to magical, historic locations in the United States and France as he follows the lives and artistic paths of celebrated artists such as Turner and Monet. Dunlop journeys to the locations these artists visited and learns how they transformed their vision into a familiar painting. "

PBS always does a wonderful job with its art series, so I hope this one broadcasts in my area. It's set to air in June, which will be just on the heels of having returned from my own France landscape painting trip. You can read all about the program  here, but you'll probably have to just check back in at viewing schedule  as they only list schedules 13 days out.