My greatest work

Well I am about six weeks out from having delivered my greatest work. World, meet Baby E.:

So this explains the silence lately here on the blog. Silence isn't exactly an adjective I'd use to describe our household right now, however. Miss E. is wonderful, but quite demanding at the moment. Between nursing, quite a bit of colic, and Mom and Dad's total lack of decent sleep, I haven't much time or brain-power to even think about painting! But it will come.

In fact, things are slowly getting more manageable, so we are at a point now where we can begin the process of finding some help so that I can get back to work. If all goes well, I will be back in the studio two or three days a week some time this fall. Meanwhile, motherhood is wonderful, and very hard, and like nothing else I have ever experienced.  The baby is very healthy and sweet, and the delivery went off without a hitch; so for this I am very grateful.

To those of you who still check in here from time to time, I appreciate it!! In case you are wondering, I DO have plans to revive my painting career, and this blog along with it, so I hope you'll keep checking. I'll be back...