French water garden W.I.P.

As much as I love the sweeping vista, I am also very drawn to a view of the intimate. This is the preliminary sketch (on canvas) for a new painting of an old French country farmhouse flanked by lush vegetation and a lovely little water garden. 20120824-161723.jpg

I painted a plein air piece of this location when I was visiting the Lot Valley village of Frayssinet a few years ago:

French country garden painting by Jennifer Young

Since the plein air piece is still in my possession, I have the opportunity to use it to inform my larger painting. Here it is just a step or two beyond the color lay-in. I have eliminated the building in the background to simplify and unfiy the painting. The color is off in this pic, and that shadow going across the top is being cast by my easel, (the joys of mobile blogging!) but at least it will give you an idea...

French Country Garden painting w.i.p.