Advice: Don't ever help an artist move

Given that this is an art blog, I kind of have a thing against posting without pictures. But since it has been a while since I have posted at all, I felt I should give an update and reaffirm my presence in the land of the living. We have moved!   I have spent the last few weeks clearing out, packing up, moving in, and then doing it all over again with the studio. There is so much stuff!! My advice to you, if  you happen to know an artist who is moving, is to steer clear of them and don't come back until the dust settles! Moving an artist is the worst. I am thoroughly over it, mentally, that is. In actuality, though I am still slogging through  boxes, (and boxes and boxes!) and trying to set up a household. I have my eye on the prize though, and  am looking to the future.

I have no studio yet, and I think I can safely presume that this will be the case until at least the fall. That is probably OK since I am still trying to find out where I packed the toaster. But it would be more OK if I could look forward to painting outdoors. But though summer has just begun, it is already so blazing hot outside right now that even the cats are panting in the shade by 10 AM. Hopefully there will be a break in the weather soon.

We have a larger property now,  mostly in full sun. When we bought this place we envisioned building a studio with similar features to the last one, but with ample northern natural  light and in the exact location we desired (which was not the case in the city).

We still may end up doing that, but at present we are actually considering converting the pre-existing garage rather than building an entirely new structure. It is already north-facing, with foundation, electricity, and plumbing intact.  (What's not to love?) It could save us a considerable sum, and If I put my office in the house (and who really needs a formal living room any way?) I would have my own little wing, with a larger studio workspace and an office connected by a short hallway, just through the back door.

So that's where we are right now; mulling it over and consulting contractors. We are looking into a good solution for a "wall of windows" as well as an entry door, some supplemental (artificial) lighting, and some built-ins for storage. If it works out as we imagine it to, it could come together much more quickly and less expensively than the last studio build. Here's hoping, any way!

At first I was resistant to the idea of not having a free- standing office/studio. It was what I was used to, and it served me well for several years. But I am coming around to the idea of having the studio connected to the house, so I can enter it at all hours if I want to, without having to don boots and a parka to do so. I am also liking more and more the idea of a separate office.  I can easily allow myself to be interrupt- driven, and it will be nice to have that extra layer of impulse-control built in.

I posted ad nauseum about my last studio build, and since this will be a different animal, I will try to do the same this time around.  I hope to be posting again soon, too--about painting! And with some pictures to boot! In the meantime, if any of you out there have built a studio from a pre-existing garage and would like to chime in with some advice, I am all ears.