Pear Squared!

Change is in the air. Nothing seems to change as fast in spring as the appearance of blooms on fruit trees. One minute they are ablaze with blooms, and the next they are leafing out. Here's a little ditty I did yesterday morning right from my own garden. Mine is largely a late spring/summer garden, but my neighbor shares a little early spring splendor from across the street:

Plein air painting in springtime by Jennifer E Young "Pear, Squared" Oil on Panel, 8x8" Contact me to purchase!

It used to be really spectacular, almost cotton-ball like. Then a year or two ago a huge chunk either blew off in a  storm or it got struck by lightening. The top was split in two and I was so sad because I had always meant to paint it at this time of year and something always seemed to pop up to prevent me from getting to it before it leafed out. Any way, thankfully, it survived. And in spite of yet another very windy morning, I managed to get it down.

Redbuds and Forsythia

The pear and cherry trees are already leafing out now, and sadly I missed the small window last week to paint them in their full glory . But spring marches on, and this week the redbuds are blooming.

Plein air painting of Redbud trees by Jennifer E Young"Redbuds and Forsythia" 8x10", oil on linen Contact me for more info.

The location is Bryan Park, which is lovely in an unkempt kind of way. It's very near my home, so it's a good spot when I only have a few hours to myself (which is pretty much always!) This painting is a bit of a frenzy, but it was (again) a windy morning, and I had to hold my umbrella down with one hand to make sure I wouldn't fly away like Mary Poppins. I dunno, maybe some of that mania transferred to the painting in all of those active brush strokes!