Touring Venice

There are some times when my habit of waking at 5:30 a.m. (on the dot, and usually no matter what!) comes in pretty handy. With family visiting these last 10 days, early mornings have allowed me a few hours each day to complete this new Venice piece:

Venice Italy gondola painting by Jennifer E. Young

"Touring Venice" Oil on linen, 24x20"

This painting ( the bones of which you can see here) is the same size and format as the other recent Venice painting I posted a couple of weeks ago. They are meant to serve as companions to each other, though I think either would work just as well on its own.

In all the times I have been to Venice, I have still never taken a gondola ride. I wonder if it's possible to paint en plein air while aboard a gondola? A girl can dream...

Venice Gondolas W.I.P

Just a quick post to share what's on the easel right now. I have really been wanting to get back into my Venice work lately, but given how complicated these paintings can be, and how complicated my life has been, I have kind of shied away from the idea. I feel pretty rusty, so since Venice is pretty much all architecture, I thought I'd make it easy on myself and keep the size fairly small (16 x 20") and the composition fairly simple. Here's the compositional sketch:

20120511-140246.jpg I'm also testing out blogging via my iPhone Wordpress app, so if this post looks strange or different, that's why.