Lakeside Chalet

I'm not sure if this painting is finished yet, but I feel like I've been looking at it for so long that I can't see it any more. Time to get it off of my easel for a while and work on something else! This is one of two Lake Como paintings I started working on side-by-side:

 lake como Italian villa chalet painting "Lakeside Chalet" Oil on Canvas, 30x40"

 I eventually left off of this method and focused on one painting at a time. I think working back and forth might be okay if I have one small painting and one large, but with two big ones it was getting me nowhere fast.

We've had some gloomy weather this week and between that and the wet glare of this painting I'm having a hard time getting a good photograph. Once I reshoot it in better conditions I'll upload it to my website  (Update: Sunshine today! Image reshot). Meanwhile, please contact me for more info about this piece.