Another big one

I thought I'd continue my studio work in larger format with another three by four-footer from my trip last year to France. Still at the block-in stage, but things are starting to take shape. I think the little fishing dude at the tip of the "peninsula" will help to give a sense of scale to the line of towering poplars. :

French landscape painting of water by Jennifer Young

Hopefully this WIP will progress a little more quickly than the last one I posted of Beynac. I am finding that the breaks in continuity of my time in the studio also breaks the continuity of the painting for me. I'm not using any medium, but still the paint sets up pretty quickly. Once that happens, it is a lot more work to open things back up again. I haven't been able to manage an alla prima application for larger works like this, and sometimes an interruption in studio time can't really be avoided. But as long as I can work at it on consecutive days, I can work more wet-into-wet; which makes it easier for me to keep it "fresh". So that's my goal for this one--maintaining a continuous flow from start to finish.