Varenna painting complete

Just a quick post to share the final version of the Lake Como painting I wrote about in my last post:

Landscape painting of Varenna Italy

"La Passarella, Varenna" Oil on Linen, 24"x 20"


This view shows small fishing and leisure boats in front of the arched foot path called "La Passarella"  that winds its way around Varenna.Known  as "the pearl of the lake", Varenna is one of the most beautiful towns on Lake Como. A great place to leisurely wander and get lost!

I also really enjoyed this version of the limited palette I wrote about in my last post. I can see myself using this one again (as soon as I buy more Cad. Red Medium!) One of these days I will find time to update my website. In the meantime, please contact me for additional details about the painting and/or to purchase.