French pastoral WIP now complete

I spent the good part of last week working on the 3x4' work-in-progress that I'd posted earlier. Usually I consider a 30x40" canvas to be a large painting for me. So moving up to 36x48" does slow me down a bit. I worked at it pretty consistently and really enjoyed myself, though I found myself constantly repeating a few mantras: "I need to mix even more paint," "I need bigger brushes", and "My shoulder aches." I may have to see if I can train myself to paint left-handed if I'm going to continue to do these big paintings!

French countryside landscape painting by Jennifer Young

"Solitaire" Oil on Canvas, 36x48" Contact me for more info!

This painting is a scene from my trip to the Lot and Dordogne last year. We spent one lovely morning painting alongside a pond in the village of St. Germain du Bel Air. This village is only a few kilos from where I was staying in Frayssinet, and it has a great park where the locals will go to picnic and do a little fishing. I remember when our group arrived on the scene and disembarked from the bus. All the chatter stopped and everybody drew in a soft gasp as we took in the dreamy surroundings. I especially loved how the light sparkled on the water and through those backlit tall trees. Here's a bit of zoom on the fishing dude:

detail oil painting of France